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Feels a lot like Christmas… July 17, 2011

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Christmas marts are magical places, the smells of hot  Glühwein,  bratwursts,  and freshly backed breads and candies fill the cold December air. The sound of the carousel and the twinkle of Christmas lights everywhere.

The colors and smells alone make the experience of attending a Christmas Mart one of a kind. There is noting like this magical holiday experience in the US.  The food was as  amazing  as it smelled and the Glühwein kept me warm for hours.

While in Germany I visited Christmas marts in, Erlangen, Nurnberg, Bamberg, and Füssen. Below are a few of my favorite images from the many Christmas marts I visited.


Back to Germany!

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After my trip to Berlin in May I have been looking for a way to get back to Germany and see more of what the country has to offer. In December I was given the opportunity to travel to back to Germany on my own to meet my husband in Erlangen a small Bavarian town just outside the city of Nurnberg, Germany. I flew in to Paris, got stuck due to a huge snowstorm, had to take a train to Nurnberg, and continue on to Erlangen via Taxi. After four days of travel I arrived in south Germany and what looked like a winter wonderland or like I like to describe it “the North Pole.”

The excitement of a new adventure in this amazing country kept this Florida girl warm during the snowstorm. I was ready to brave the cold, and head out on my own, just me and my camera.


My Photo Project June 3, 2010

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Well here is what you have all been waiting for my final Berlin photo/story! Take a look at all of our hard work, and let me know what you think. I am happy to be home with my husband and puppies, but miss all my new friends in Berlin. I feel like this is some of my best work so I hope you all feel the same 🙂

UF in Berlin

Thanks for following me.



Prague is GREAT! May 29, 2010

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So today was my second day in Prague, and I love this place. We went on a Free tour of the city, then to the Old Jewish sector (Ghetto) I was able to visit the cemetery and get lots of great photos. It is always hard hearing the history of  Jewish Europeans’ and the hardships they went through. After this we went to dinner and shopped around. In the Old Town square we came across some dancers, and got some more great action photos. Tomorrow it is back to Berlin, then Amsterdam, and then HOME!

The famous Clock in Prague, it goes off every hour and is very funny.

Our Free Tour Guide.. he works for tips

Jewish people from around the world come to Prague to visit the Cemetery, and the Old -New synagogue.

Random guys in the street dressed up in body-suites.

The dancers in Old Town Square! They were great, and we just happened to walk up to this.

I LOVE this City!

Thats all for now! I am heading home soon and will edit a lot of my photos and post them soon! Thanks for following me during my adventure, I will also post a link to my project when it is uploaded to the website. Off to bed… I have along 2 days ahead of me.




Hello Prague! May 27, 2010

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Today I spent that day in Prague, and I LOVE it here. I am in need of some sleep so will just share a few photos from The Prague Castle’s  Gothic St Vitus Cathedral. ENJOY!!



Goodbye for now Berlin!!

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Last night was our last big group dinner up in the TV-Tower at Alexanderpaltz. We ate lots of great food, and enjoyed each others company  for the last time in Berlin. The two weeks went by faster than I would have liked, but I am glad I was given the opportunity to be a part of this group of photographers. I already miss my classmates and new friends, but it is not back to the real world yet. First I am going to spend some time in Prague with my travel buddy Michelle.

The TV Tower gave us a great 360′ view of Berlin.

My dinner table's reflection in the TV Towers window.

We took one last walk in Alex at night after our group dinner… Everything looks better at night in Berlin.

The TV Tower is the tall skinny thing in that background… that is where our final group dinner was.

Marcela and Dave enjoy our last M4 ride as a group 😦

Jesse and I also enjoy our last m4 ride together 😦

See you in Prague!



Last Days in Berlin, Germany May 26, 2010

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Last night we visited a beer garden outside of town and enjoyed the sun, and some drinks by the water. Afterwords we all enjoyed some drinks, and went to a few local bars.

Marissa enjoying her time and a beer at the beer garden.

Me, Jesse , and Dave enjoying the nice weather on our last day here in Berlin.

Today is our last full day here so we went to get the 360 view of the city at the Reichstag dome. Below are some photos from inside/outside the dome.

Helicopters  fly by the TV Tower in Berlin.

Thats all for now! Tonight is our last group dinner, then Im going to finish packing and get ready for my long Train ride to Prague. I enjoyed my time in Berlin, but am ready to go home a see my pups. Just one more weekend in Prague, then a night in Amsterdam, and I am off to FLORIDA for some sun shine 🙂