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Learning New Things May 7, 2010

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Okay, so every good journalist prepares when investigating and reporting on something. Therefore I have been doing my home work on all things Berlin, Germany. I have spent a lot of time looking up hostels, tourist attractions, the local culture, festivals, events, and have even been learning some of German the language. Since I am dyslexic I have a hard time with learning new languages. Spanish is one of my longest running attempts at being bilingual, and it is not going so well 🙂 Recently I found the most amazing language learning Pod-Cast’s they are posted by Radio Lingua called ” My daily phrase”  For any of you out there planning a trip somewhere that does not speak your native language, make sure you download the Pod-Cast’s for that countries language! It is free and more helpful than any of the programs that you have to pay for.

Tchau! ( Goodbye informal) Auf Wiedersehen! owf vee-der-zay-en( Goodbye formal)



2 Responses to “Learning New Things”

  1. Sandra Hice Says:

    Okay, so I will go and learn some SPanish. Good deal. Looking forward to your posts.

  2. Bebe Says:

    Looking forward to following you {:-)

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