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We made it to Berlin! May 13, 2010

Well I would like to say it was a smooth ride to Berlin, but that would be a lie. On our first flight out of JAX we sat on the runway for about 30min, but did not arrive too late. We were able to make our next flight to Paris, France due to the fact that is was delayed two hours in ATL. This was a major problem since we only had an hour in 3omin between flights in Paris to Berlin. As a result we missed our last flight and were put on the next flight to Berlin a few hours latter.

Navigating in the Paris Airport was frustrating, no English signs, and not many English speaking workers. After going threw customs and back threw security we found our original gate. For some reason Air France gave us a print out of our new flight time, but not its flight number or gate. So we had too find another help desk, and let me tell you that was not easy at all. The lady at the desk we very pleasant, and pointed us in the right direction.

Now I am sitting on the plain to Berlin, and could not be happier. Except for the fact that I am feeling a little motion sick!  I am now sitting on the plane and reflecting on my travels and wondering how people view us Americans here. In Paris I felt people did not want to bother with helping us stupid Americans. I also don’t understand why so many people stand in the boarding line before it is their turn. I’m just saying they board in ZONES for a reason people!

We will arrive in one hour and 30min. Then it is time for Michelle and I to figure out how we would like to get to our first hostel.

On a good note we just got our airplane snacks and they look amazing! To top it off Michelle and I just realized we are in First Class haha. I guess that is all they had open on this flight. So we got something good out of something we viewed as bad.

WE made it safe and sound to Berlin, after  dragging our stuff across town we have arrive at the first Hostel Pegasus…. Not impressed at all! More to come one that! I will post photos as soon as I find some working internet!

Waiting in JAX airport Playing with my new attachment!

I HATE when people line up before boarding even STARTS… just saying

Michelle on the phone with her family one last time before our late flight took off for Paris.

Yes, Yes that is a flying corn!

Look at the man in the left corner laughing at the corn in ATL 🙂

ALT likes its veggies I guess.

Man reading paper in Paris France airport

Looks like these two are just as excited as me to get out of Paris, and go to BERLIN.

Outside of Paris Franc sky view

Our AMAZING food on our flight from Paris to Berlin, like I said some times it pays to get bumped!

I will leave you this amazing image of me and my yummy first class snack. I know you will miss this face while I am gone! I miss you all so much already xoxo let the adventure start. The Gator Nation enters BERLIN!



2 Responses to “We made it to Berlin!”

  1. Murtaza Says:

    hey! thanks for the blog link. question – how did you get that map of the flight route from ATL to Berlin? i may or may not want to create something similar from all my trips in the last couple weeks. i will credit you, but refuse to pay royalties!

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