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First Night in Berlin May 14, 2010

Well we have arrived in Berlin, Germany and it is now 9:30am of our first full day here, and 3:30am for those back in Florida. Last night we made our way to the Pegasus Hostel when we arrived we were grumpy and just wanted a clean place to rest our heads, but we got something a little off from that. The hostel has an amazing court year, but was a bit littered with drunken teens. Did I mention that males in Berlin drink beer all day long. Ha. Okay, maybe not EVERY male, but a lot of them do:  In the U-ban (the subway) on the streets everywhere I feel like im back in good old Wisconsin with all the beer, but ten times more 🙂

This place is growing on me and so our my hives haha, but it is time to pack up and head to our next home the Hotel Transit.

This is in Alexanderplatz
My first gloomy view of the towerWoman reading a Berlin map in the U-ban stationThis reminded me of Jou3601 I wish that 3 people had walked by or taken a seat!

This is our not so clean room the first night. That blur of a person in Michelle 🙂

This was my bed, I was on the top bunk! It is like summer camp all over again.

The sink in our room, this was nice to have.The entrance inside the courtyard. We had a hard time figuring out how to get to the reception/checkin.

View of the courtyard from my window very pretty.

This is the best part about the Hostel, but we did not get to spend any time here.

Well time to finish my packing, and head on to our new home! Thanks for reading my blog, and I will post again very soon.



One Response to “First Night in Berlin”

  1. Sandra Hice Says:

    Hey Laurie
    Looking forward to more pictures. Very different from the US.
    Love mom

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