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BERRRRRRLIN May 15, 2010

Well, today was WET and COLD here in Berlin, Germany. Looks like it was stay cold the rest of our trip 😦 Things did not go as planed for todays activities due to the bad weather, but the city was full of Fussbol fans! We were walking to get some lunch at the train-station and come across some rowdy fans! We also visited a bombed out church in West Germany. I was not very happy with my photos today I blame the rain! I am sure I will make up for it in the next few week.Inside the bombed out Church

Prayer candle being lit by a woman inside the bombed out Church

Fussbol fan club drummer leading a chant at a train-station in Berlin

We went into Berlin’s  largest department store and I found these Men drinking beers in traditional “German gear”

The shirt reads Berlin Berlin we will drive to Berlin! They sure like soccer here.

We ran into a photo-shoot in Alexanderplatz Lady Ga-Ga Style.

Trying to stay warm tonight by staying in!



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