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First day of “class” in Berlin May 15, 2010

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Little girl peers through a fence by a Berlin Wall memorial Friday, May 14th
Marcela Suter looks through a hole in the Berlin Wall on our first visit to this historical site.

Little boy goofs around with box on his head as he walks on a side walk in Berlin.

Okay so first day with my other UF classmates, we have had a blast so far, but the internet here is so slow that I could only up load these two photos… sorry  We went to see the Berlin Wall, and walked the city after going to a beer garden. I got lots of food photos and tried some flavored beer yummy, and had some Jager tonight it is better in Germany. I will try to upload more photos tomorrow. We will be doing a bike tour if it does not rain 🙂

This is on the Street that our hotel is on and below is a lady putting up a sign.


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