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Biking Berlin May 18, 2010

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Our Flat Tire Bike Tour Guide

So it has been some time since I have gotten such a work out. First the 5 hour walking tour, then my own night time walking tour, and now we have completed a 5 hour BIKING tour. We went all around Berlin, but stayed on the West for most of our biking adventure. This is a very colorful part of town, it also has the East Gallery  a stretch of the Berlin wall that is still standing cover in beautiful graffiti art.

It has been longer than I would like to admit since I have ridden a bike so the first half was shaky, and scary with all the people, cars and other bike around me.

A little taste of the amazing art work on the Berlin Wall.

Jesse one of my classmate spent his 21st birthday biking around Berlin.

My favorite street art so far, I think it speaks for itself.

Maria one of my roommates on her bike during the tour.

Turkish woman peers there fence at a garden.

Still working hard here in Berlin, going to meet with my subject at 1pm tomorrow. Lets just hope I can find him in the sea of people. This is Berlin are going fast and I am feeling the pressure to get my project started.



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