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My project’s!!! May 21, 2010

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So I was able to shoot two projects here in Berlin, one is on a Brand manager for Quick Energy, and the second was on the show STARS. Here are some photos from both projects I am working on right now.

Quick Energy

Stars in Concert was amazing, I was able to go backstage before, during and after the show! I was also allowed to photograph performers getting ready, they also let me see the show and take photos.

!STARS in Concert

Thats all for now… LHM!


2 Responses to “My project’s!!!”

  1. Hanna Says:

    LOVE love love these photos! awesome job! you make germany look like so much fun, i’m definitely going to have to go some day.

  2. Kadi Says:

    Ahh I agree with Hanna – I’m loving all your blog entries/pics! It looks like you’re having a blast, def can’t wait to see the final projects!

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