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Concentration Camp May 23, 2010

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Yesterday was a very interesting day here in Berlin. We all woke up on time and got together to go see the Sachsenhausen Concentration camp and memorial. We took the train out of Berlin, and walked through a quiet historic looking town. All I could think is how can these people live so close to something so evil? We entered the camp and it was quiet, as we walked around we talked softly about things we were seeing and our reactions to them. Overall I am glad I went, but don’t think I have the desire to ever go to another camp again. So many horrible things happened on that very ground I stood and it was hard to deal with. They did the memorial of  cement caskets very well, it was reflective and visually pleasing. People who visited put rocks on top of them to recognize a life lost. I did not take to many photos, because to be honest this was not something I want to look back on over and over.

All of the photos I am going to share are memorials of those lost in the Concentration camp

This go out to all those who have lost someone over fear or hate, and to all those in the world today that are losing there lives to genocide.




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