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Prague is GREAT! May 29, 2010

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So today was my second day in Prague, and I love this place. We went on a Free tour of the city, then to the Old Jewish sector (Ghetto) I was able to visit the cemetery and get lots of great photos. It is always hard hearing the history of  Jewish Europeans’ and the hardships they went through. After this we went to dinner and shopped around. In the Old Town square we came across some dancers, and got some more great action photos. Tomorrow it is back to Berlin, then Amsterdam, and then HOME!

The famous Clock in Prague, it goes off every hour and is very funny.

Our Free Tour Guide.. he works for tips

Jewish people from around the world come to Prague to visit the Cemetery, and the Old -New synagogue.

Random guys in the street dressed up in body-suites.

The dancers in Old Town Square! They were great, and we just happened to walk up to this.

I LOVE this City!

Thats all for now! I am heading home soon and will edit a lot of my photos and post them soon! Thanks for following me during my adventure, I will also post a link to my project when it is uploaded to the website. Off to bed… I have along 2 days ahead of me.




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