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Alexanderplatz… When The Sun Is Out! May 22, 2010

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My time in Berlin is winding down, and I am working hard on my photo projects. Today I was able to have some free time in the city. First I went to the Frida Kahlo exhibit at that  Martin-Gropius-Bau. The exhibit was wonderful and so was the historic building it was held in. Afterwords I wandered the city some, then people watched in Alexanderplatz. Here are some photos of the people I encountered today, the sun was out full force in Berlin.

The world clock in Alex

Funny “PayPal” things were running around Alexanderplatz!

They were huddling to make a game plan!

Street artist out side of the U-ban station

Working hard on his artwork outside since we  have good weather here for once.

A boy stops by to check out the artwork.

Man sings about Africa for tips on the street out side of the Alex U-Ban stop

Two girls sit enjoying some sun on Friday afternoon at Alexanderplatz.

World worst breakdance dances for tips on the platz Friday afternoon.

Competing bratwurst  men with propane tanks on there backs… safe.

Techno Jesus singer…..

Well I am off to bed I hope you liked my photos! Waking up early to have an adventure outside of Berlin tomorrow.



My project’s!!! May 21, 2010

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So I was able to shoot two projects here in Berlin, one is on a Brand manager for Quick Energy, and the second was on the show STARS. Here are some photos from both projects I am working on right now.

Quick Energy

Stars in Concert was amazing, I was able to go backstage before, during and after the show! I was also allowed to photograph performers getting ready, they also let me see the show and take photos.

!STARS in Concert

Thats all for now… LHM!


Time Fly’s in Berlin May 20, 2010

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The last few days have been going by super fast, we have been running around the city working on our projects. I already spent the day with one of my subjects, he is   Manager for Quick Energy  for all of Berlin. As a group we went to see a show QI, and tonight I am going to see another show and get a backstage tour for “Stars” more to come… for now here are a few snapshots.

Our reflection on the train

Walking along the river

Not sure what this place is, but it sure looked cool at night.

Water colors in the water!

New Berlin with Old Berlin at night

Keeping busy here in BERLIN!!!



Biking Berlin May 18, 2010

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Our Flat Tire Bike Tour Guide

So it has been some time since I have gotten such a work out. First the 5 hour walking tour, then my own night time walking tour, and now we have completed a 5 hour BIKING tour. We went all around Berlin, but stayed on the West for most of our biking adventure. This is a very colorful part of town, it also has the East Gallery  a stretch of the Berlin wall that is still standing cover in beautiful graffiti art.

It has been longer than I would like to admit since I have ridden a bike so the first half was shaky, and scary with all the people, cars and other bike around me.

A little taste of the amazing art work on the Berlin Wall.

Jesse one of my classmate spent his 21st birthday biking around Berlin.

My favorite street art so far, I think it speaks for itself.

Maria one of my roommates on her bike during the tour.

Turkish woman peers there fence at a garden.

Still working hard here in Berlin, going to meet with my subject at 1pm tomorrow. Lets just hope I can find him in the sea of people. This is Berlin are going fast and I am feeling the pressure to get my project started.



Berlin at Night May 17, 2010

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Me and two of my classmates went out in Berlin after midnight to capture the city in the dark. I have never had so much fun and been so happy with a collection of my photographs. I hope you Enjoy these as much as I enjoyed taking them 🙂

Bikes at Night

Child of the night


Night Walk

Corner Glow


Over Exposed!

Love Birds in the Night

Thats all for now, I have way too much to up load them all. We will be going back out for some more night photography during the trip.



The Sun DID Come Out Tomorrow!

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Today started out a little gloomy, but as the day went on something amazing happened…. THE SUN SHOWED ITS FACE! It could not have been better timing since we went on a 4 hour walking tour through the city of Berlin. During the walk we were able to see most of Berlin’s sights, and the Holocaust Memorial. It was such a great day, with so many captured moments.

Our Berlin walking Tour Guide, she did an amazing job.

The Berlin Cathedral during the day… night photos to come!

Little boy reads a book outside of the Berlin Cathedral Sunday afternoon.

Unter den Linden

Boy blows HUGE bubbles at the Brandenburg Gate Sunday afternoon.

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, architect Peter Eisenmann designed the memorial.

Taxi Bike

Music Man

We were all so inspired by the sun we even took the train out of the city to a lake ,and then took a ferry to the other side. We found a beer garden, and this place looked like what I would have imagined Germany too look! It was so cute almost out of a story book… or Epcot .

Now I will leave you with a photo of David my fellow traveler…..

We like him 🙂

Well it is 3am and I need to get some sleep! I will post my night photography photos in the am for now I am off to bed.



BERRRRRRLIN May 15, 2010

Well, today was WET and COLD here in Berlin, Germany. Looks like it was stay cold the rest of our trip 😦 Things did not go as planed for todays activities due to the bad weather, but the city was full of Fussbol fans! We were walking to get some lunch at the train-station and come across some rowdy fans! We also visited a bombed out church in West Germany. I was not very happy with my photos today I blame the rain! I am sure I will make up for it in the next few week.Inside the bombed out Church

Prayer candle being lit by a woman inside the bombed out Church

Fussbol fan club drummer leading a chant at a train-station in Berlin

We went into Berlin’s  largest department store and I found these Men drinking beers in traditional “German gear”

The shirt reads Berlin Berlin we will drive to Berlin! They sure like soccer here.

We ran into a photo-shoot in Alexanderplatz Lady Ga-Ga Style.

Trying to stay warm tonight by staying in!