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Last Days in Berlin, Germany May 26, 2010

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Last night we visited a beer garden outside of town and enjoyed the sun, and some drinks by the water. Afterwords we all enjoyed some drinks, and went to a few local bars.

Marissa enjoying her time and a beer at the beer garden.

Me, Jesse , and Dave enjoying the nice weather on our last day here in Berlin.

Today is our last full day here so we went to get the 360 view of the city at the Reichstag dome. Below are some photos from inside/outside the dome.

Helicopters  fly by the TV Tower in Berlin.

Thats all for now! Tonight is our last group dinner, then Im going to finish packing and get ready for my long Train ride to Prague. I enjoyed my time in Berlin, but am ready to go home a see my pups. Just one more weekend in Prague, then a night in Amsterdam, and I am off to FLORIDA for some sun shine 🙂



Carnival of Cultures May 23, 2010

Carnival of Cultures is an annual event here is Berlin, Germany. Last night we attended, the festivities which included crafts, food, music , and lots of BEER. Today was the Parade, it was a very different fun and crazy side of Berlin I had yet to see.

The Carnival of Cultures at night was crazy people everywhere drinking, dancing, and just having a good time it reminded me of Summer Fest mixed with German Fest and a little rave.

Huge grill!!

Just some heads laying around 🙂

These kids were rocking out on stage during the carnival

From here down are some photos of the parade that took place today at the Carnival of Cultures in Berlin. It was the longest most interesting parade I have ever attended, so it was hard just to pick a few photos… so here are a bunch!

I hope you enjoyed them 🙂



Concentration Camp

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Yesterday was a very interesting day here in Berlin. We all woke up on time and got together to go see the Sachsenhausen Concentration camp and memorial. We took the train out of Berlin, and walked through a quiet historic looking town. All I could think is how can these people live so close to something so evil? We entered the camp and it was quiet, as we walked around we talked softly about things we were seeing and our reactions to them. Overall I am glad I went, but don’t think I have the desire to ever go to another camp again. So many horrible things happened on that very ground I stood and it was hard to deal with. They did the memorial of  cement caskets very well, it was reflective and visually pleasing. People who visited put rocks on top of them to recognize a life lost. I did not take to many photos, because to be honest this was not something I want to look back on over and over.

All of the photos I am going to share are memorials of those lost in the Concentration camp

This go out to all those who have lost someone over fear or hate, and to all those in the world today that are losing there lives to genocide.




Time Fly’s in Berlin May 20, 2010

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The last few days have been going by super fast, we have been running around the city working on our projects. I already spent the day with one of my subjects, he is   Manager for Quick Energy  for all of Berlin. As a group we went to see a show QI, and tonight I am going to see another show and get a backstage tour for “Stars” more to come… for now here are a few snapshots.

Our reflection on the train

Walking along the river

Not sure what this place is, but it sure looked cool at night.

Water colors in the water!

New Berlin with Old Berlin at night

Keeping busy here in BERLIN!!!



BERRRRRRLIN May 15, 2010

Well, today was WET and COLD here in Berlin, Germany. Looks like it was stay cold the rest of our trip 😦 Things did not go as planed for todays activities due to the bad weather, but the city was full of Fussbol fans! We were walking to get some lunch at the train-station and come across some rowdy fans! We also visited a bombed out church in West Germany. I was not very happy with my photos today I blame the rain! I am sure I will make up for it in the next few week.Inside the bombed out Church

Prayer candle being lit by a woman inside the bombed out Church

Fussbol fan club drummer leading a chant at a train-station in Berlin

We went into Berlin’s  largest department store and I found these Men drinking beers in traditional “German gear”

The shirt reads Berlin Berlin we will drive to Berlin! They sure like soccer here.

We ran into a photo-shoot in Alexanderplatz Lady Ga-Ga Style.

Trying to stay warm tonight by staying in!



First day of “class” in Berlin

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Little girl peers through a fence by a Berlin Wall memorial Friday, May 14th
Marcela Suter looks through a hole in the Berlin Wall on our first visit to this historical site.

Little boy goofs around with box on his head as he walks on a side walk in Berlin.

Okay so first day with my other UF classmates, we have had a blast so far, but the internet here is so slow that I could only up load these two photos… sorry  We went to see the Berlin Wall, and walked the city after going to a beer garden. I got lots of food photos and tried some flavored beer yummy, and had some Jager tonight it is better in Germany. I will try to upload more photos tomorrow. We will be doing a bike tour if it does not rain 🙂

This is on the Street that our hotel is on and below is a lady putting up a sign.


First Night in Berlin May 14, 2010

Well we have arrived in Berlin, Germany and it is now 9:30am of our first full day here, and 3:30am for those back in Florida. Last night we made our way to the Pegasus Hostel when we arrived we were grumpy and just wanted a clean place to rest our heads, but we got something a little off from that. The hostel has an amazing court year, but was a bit littered with drunken teens. Did I mention that males in Berlin drink beer all day long. Ha. Okay, maybe not EVERY male, but a lot of them do:  In the U-ban (the subway) on the streets everywhere I feel like im back in good old Wisconsin with all the beer, but ten times more 🙂

This place is growing on me and so our my hives haha, but it is time to pack up and head to our next home the Hotel Transit.

This is in Alexanderplatz
My first gloomy view of the towerWoman reading a Berlin map in the U-ban stationThis reminded me of Jou3601 I wish that 3 people had walked by or taken a seat!

This is our not so clean room the first night. That blur of a person in Michelle 🙂

This was my bed, I was on the top bunk! It is like summer camp all over again.

The sink in our room, this was nice to have.The entrance inside the courtyard. We had a hard time figuring out how to get to the reception/checkin.

View of the courtyard from my window very pretty.

This is the best part about the Hostel, but we did not get to spend any time here.

Well time to finish my packing, and head on to our new home! Thanks for reading my blog, and I will post again very soon.