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Feels a lot like Christmas… July 17, 2011

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Christmas marts are magical places, the smells of hot  Glühwein,  bratwursts,  and freshly backed breads and candies fill the cold December air. The sound of the carousel and the twinkle of Christmas lights everywhere.

The colors and smells alone make the experience of attending a Christmas Mart one of a kind. There is noting like this magical holiday experience in the US.  The food was as  amazing  as it smelled and the Glühwein kept me warm for hours.

While in Germany I visited Christmas marts in, Erlangen, Nurnberg, Bamberg, and Füssen. Below are a few of my favorite images from the many Christmas marts I visited.


Back to Germany!

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After my trip to Berlin in May I have been looking for a way to get back to Germany and see more of what the country has to offer. In December I was given the opportunity to travel to back to Germany on my own to meet my husband in Erlangen a small Bavarian town just outside the city of Nurnberg, Germany. I flew in to Paris, got stuck due to a huge snowstorm, had to take a train to Nurnberg, and continue on to Erlangen via Taxi. After four days of travel I arrived in south Germany and what looked like a winter wonderland or like I like to describe it “the North Pole.”

The excitement of a new adventure in this amazing country kept this Florida girl warm during the snowstorm. I was ready to brave the cold, and head out on my own, just me and my camera.