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Carnival of Cultures May 23, 2010

Carnival of Cultures is an annual event here is Berlin, Germany. Last night we attended, the festivities which included crafts, food, music , and lots of BEER. Today was the Parade, it was a very different fun and crazy side of Berlin I had yet to see.

The Carnival of Cultures at night was crazy people everywhere drinking, dancing, and just having a good time it reminded me of Summer Fest mixed with German Fest and a little rave.

Huge grill!!

Just some heads laying around 🙂

These kids were rocking out on stage during the carnival

From here down are some photos of the parade that took place today at the Carnival of Cultures in Berlin. It was the longest most interesting parade I have ever attended, so it was hard just to pick a few photos… so here are a bunch!

I hope you enjoyed them 🙂